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The Story of Ivy

Coming Soon

We are developing video game-based innovations to support female mental health and prevent certain disorders to some extent.

Our first title, ‘Story of Ivy,’ focuses on young women’s mental health and covers often overlooked women’s social issues such as gender stereotypes and inequality, emotional trauma, and body image issues from a unique female perspective. The cost-effectiveness, broad accessibility, and appeal to young women make it a powerful tool.

‘Story of Ivy,’ features an in-game community and dynamic narrative. It combines puzzle, combat, and platform-jumping gameplay, reflecting common social issues and helping players foster a positive mindset.

The game addresses themes like gender inequality and stereotypes, body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem, and emotional trauma. These issues can lead to problems like depression, eating disorders, and PTSD.

Set in a magical world, the player is a witch named Ivy who uses magic to enlighten her clients from past and future. The clients encounter different women’s social issues and present various levels of mental health issues, seeking the player's help.


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